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Foundation Learning Skills for New Zealand Students (click here)
Welome to the Lake Wanaka Language Centre.  We currently run two language programmes:

We believe that these things are important for a successful language learning experience:  

  • small classes
  • experienced and skilled teachers
  • learning useful and frequent language 
  • lots of opportunity to use new language  

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Would you like to improve your English skills AND have a great New Zealand experience with other global adventurers? In our school you can learn English in the morning in small classes with global travellers like you. We focus on the English skills you need for your global adventures, not for university tests.

Would you like your afternoons and evenings free to get out and enjoy all Wanaka has to offer with your classmates? You choose - high adrenaline adventures, great leisure activities or a night out on the town? We'll even organise it if you want!

For people with a more academic focus, you can study on our full time English programme (30 hours per week)

After travelling through New Zealand's cities and highways, would you like a comfortable place to stay for a while and really learn about the language and culture. We can organise that too!

Would you like to be able to access your course materials, your classmates or us outside the classroom through an e-learning system that's available 24 x 7 and long after you leave Wanaka?

Well, we think you would love Wanaka and the Lake Wanaka Language Centre so contact us now for more information or register to enrol or for more information in one of our courses. As you can see, it's definitely something to write home about!


Student Spotlight

Malik Alamro

Saudi Arabia


Most important thing you’ve learned so far: To use good learning strategies and find many places to study outside the classroom.

Biggest goal in life: I'm training to be a doctor in Saudi Arabia.

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