Free help with reading, writing and maths

Wanaka and Queenstown

We offer adults help with skills in reading, writing or numeracy. People come to our Skills for Success course for many reasons. They might want to be better at:
  • dealing with written material at work
  • reading newspapers
  • spelling
  • helping the kids with their homework
Or they want to get a higher qualification, or a driver's licence or a better job.

Some people who join the course have English as a second language and others are native English speakers. The course uses real life material, tasks and exercises to develop and practice strategies and tasks to help people to meet their goals.

We work as a small group to help each other and learn and work together in a friendly and non-threatening environment. There are also one to one sessions with a tutor where learners can  develop and work on their personal literacy goals and bring in any special materials or tasks they want to focus on. The course runs for 24 weeks and is FREE  to all  adults who are permanent New Zealand residents.