All fees for tuition are to be paid in advance and can be:

  1. A 10 hour session ticket
  2. A week in advance 
  3. Any other advance payments

For payment type 3 above, if fees have been paid in advance and a student cancels the tuition 7 days in advance of starting the course, all fees will be refunded. 

For other fees payment types (q and 2 above), fees for classess will not be refunded unless:

  1. Notification is recieved 12 hours in advance - that is, if the class begins at 09:00am, notification of absence or cancellation is received at 09:00pm (21:00) the previous day.
  2. The absence is supported by appropriate documentation.  e.g a medical certificate or receipt for medical appointment.
  3. Other reasons supported by appropriate documentation and the directors